Drive here, Drive There, Walk Everywhere!

It’s lunch time, your stomach is growling at you, and you have nothing in the fridge. No problem. Just hop in your car, drive two or three blocks, and pick up something from the store. Or you could order some Chinese food and drive 3-4 blocks the other direction to pick it up. Maybe just pass on food for now and drive over the to coffee shop that’s 5 blocks away to meet up with a friend. After you’re done hanging out with your friend drive a half a mile to the gym to exercise and then drive home afterwards.

Why no walk?

Let your car sit in the drive way for once. Stop abusing it and get those sneakers dirty. If you want to get healthy and be this beacon of beauty or a mountain of muscle then you are going to have to change. Driving your car everywhere doesn’t do a lot for your health. It’s lazy and it’s probably one of the things holding you back from achieving your goals.

Going for a walk has a pretty big impact on your health. Well, if you do it on a consistent basis. It gets you out of the house and allows you to get some fresh air. Yeah a walk can be kind of boring, but if you want your body and health to change, then you may just have to change too. It is a very relaxing experience to go for a walk. I mean it just you on a little journey. No one is nagging you, complaining about something, or making your schedule. Oh, these walks work best if you silences your phone or just leave it at home. Whats the point of getting some alone time if you’re just going to answer emails, text messages, or even phone calls. Take this time to get to know yourself. See where your thoughts go and what kinds of things you think about. This is a time where you can deeply think about some issues you are having and mentally work through them. It can also be used to help strengthen your resolve towards your goals. Your little journey can have quite the impact on your mental well-being. Since you’re able to think freely it will allow you to open your mind, resolve some issues from your past, and help you focus on your future.

If you’re not a fan of a solo walk then ask that crush to join you, a family member, or even your boss or one of your teachers. This will allow you to have a great conversation and allow you to deeply connect with them. It may score you some points with your crush and may speed up your chances of getting a date or you may even find out they are not what you expected and you move on. You can also grab a family member or great friend to walk with. This allows you two to possible work through a deep issue or problem you may have. Which is great for both of you, because then your relationship with grow stronger and hopefully continue to grow stronger in the future. Just make sure that both of you seek to understand the problem and how you can amicably resolve the issue at hand. The goal is to solve the problem and strengthen your relationship, not to weaken or jeopardize it with bickering, nagging, or fighting. If you don’t have any issues you need to work through you can just talk about life and connect with them on a deeper level. Asking your boss or teacher on a walk is kind of game changer. It will allow you to probe their mind for intelligence, information, and skill. You can learn a lot by asking the right questions, shutting up, and listening. Before you go on this walk by a sponge, become one with the sponge, and soak up all the information you are about to receive.

Walks are not just for mending relationships, developing relationships, or gathering information, they also have a great impact on your physical health as well. Going on walks, consistently, will help maintain a health weight. It will change-up your exercise game as well, because slowly you will become more conditioned and this will help your performance in the gym. Obviously since you are move active it will help strengthen your muscles and bones. It will also help strengthen your cardiovascular system and may help regulate some issues related to it. Going for walks can help your balance and coordination. Skip the red bull or excess caffeine, because going for a walk can also be an energy boost.

One of the greatest things is a walk can do its help improve your mood. Simply by getting your blood flowing, resolving some issues, and developing some deeper connections with your goals can change your mood. Going for a daily walk can help boost your happiness levels and keep you in a more positive frame of mind.

So leave that car at home, go for a walk, help your body, help your mind, and help yourself.

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