Take control of your day!

You wake up at 6:00am and your already late. Your entire day is already planned out and its one of those days where you are just mega busy. You finally get out of that perfectly warm cocoon of a bed and make your way into the kitchen to start brewing that miracle morning liquid. You’re in the shower rushing to get ready as fast as you can. You get fully dressed and rush to the kitchen for your cup of coffee. You take that amazing first sip and some spills on your shirt. Your day is busy, your running late, and now this happens. It is just not your day, huh?

Stop complaining. Take a deep breath, calm down, and focus on whats important to you. If spilling some coffee on your shirt is the worst thing that happens today, I think you will be alright. I mean take control of your day and make it work for you. Again accept the fact that you are a human being and that you make mistakes from time to time. Step back, look at what is going on, and become proactive with your day. Don’t wait for things to happen, don’t wait for someone to do it for your, and let something or someone else dictate your entire day.

You have a choice to make when you are faced with a busy day. Either you freak out, lose your shit, and become a stressed out nervous wreck or you enjoy your day, relax, and man or woman the fuck up. I mean whose day is it? Does it belong to your calendar, your mom, your significant others, your bosses, your jobs, your friends, your acquaintance, your blind-dates, or is it your day?

Put your grown-up pants on and take control of your day. It is stupid to let events control your life. Take control of your day and take control of the events you have today. If you know you have a busy day coming up, because it happens from time to time. Plan ahead. If you knew about it before hand and you waited until 6:00am that morning to start your work, it is your fault and not anyone else’s. Take control of your day. Instead of losing your shit and taking it out on other people in your life, plan ahead. You have a big project due for work, school, or whatever… plan ahead. Start it a lot earlier and finish it before the deadline.

When you finish it before the deadline and you are calm about your project because you are well prepared for it means that you do not have to wake up at 6:00am anymore. Now you get to sleep in and start your day at its regular time. So you aren’t stressed anymore and you are able to tackle the rest of your day with a calm confidence. Use this proactive mentality to make your day work for you. If you have a huge meeting coming up later today, after that a pretty busy day with paperwork and more projects, and later that night you have a blind-date or something. Your still busy, but your day started differently than when you spilled coffee on your shirt and you were running late.

Lets break apart the rest of your day and how we can make it a proactive day, rather than a reactive day. That huge meeting you have, I am pretty sure you know about this for maybe a couple of days or at least a week. Usually when you have meetings like this you have some idea of what they are about. Maybe its a monthly meeting with your department to talk about expenses, a meeting with your boss, whatever your meeting is about or who it is with you already know about it. That means you can prepare for it. You can research the topics that will be reviewed, have your information prepared, and be able to positively participate in the meeting. When you are able to consistently participate positively in those kinds of meetings it will help your reputation within the organization. It helps how your coworkers and your management view your position within the organization. It will eventually help open more opportunities for growth.

Now you have tons of work today. Have you done it already? Do you know how to do it? Then what is the big deal? Sure its more than you are used to, but why not grind a bit to show that you are capable hard-work. That you are able to work and not sit and complain about how hard it is. Don’t waste time and get after it. If helps, play some music and keep yourself energized while your completing that Everest sized amount of work. Get it done and get back to enjoying your day.

Last thing left is that blind-date your friend setup for you. Calm down, I am pretty sure they are just as nervous as you are. Instead of sitting there like petrified wood and laughing at every lame joke the other person makes, take charge. Take charge of the date, I mean it’s still your day right. If you know what works for you then that’s how you should be during the date. Have fun let your hair down and enjoy your night. Give up on sweaty palms, stinky armpits, and too much perfume or cologne. It just seems like a waste at the end of the night when you’re a nervous wreck, but it doesn’t have to be like that. Have fun during your day. Even if you two never see each other again you can at least enjoy the evening with another human being. Now you don’t have to sleep with them or maybe they aren’t who you would normally hangout with, but you can still make the night fun. I mean thats why alcohol was invented, right?

Be proactive and take control of your day. Sometimes in life the things that will eventually make you great aren’t necessarily exciting, but they are worth doing. You may have to get your hands dirty, work long hours, or say no to friends at times. Do you want to be average or great?

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