calm down, stop thinking about it.

Dragons, demons, the world is ending, and that girl is trying to steal your man. But don’t worry, the plot thickens. You just lost your job over a small detail, you not in shape, and you won’t be prom king this year. Calm down, breath, it’s not true.

Overthinking is something we all get suckered into everyday. Something happens, our emotions over react and we come up with these wildly elaborate scenarios in our heads. It can also happen during that mid day slump and we let our minds wander. We piece together events and scenarios with emotion and we come to wild conclusions about real life things that may or may never happen. These scenarios seem so real at times that we try to make them our reality and force these scenarios onto others.

Whats wrong with that though, aren’t we allowed to have an imagination? Well yeah, but imagine your life, your potential, and what success’ you want to achieve in your life. Use your imagination to create wonderful piece of art, advertising or marketing campaigns, or create amazing ways to make people feel special in your life. Use your imagination for something positive rather than violently breaking apart your life and destroying important relationships in your life.

Stop now and break the cycle. Understand that you are an emotional being and that at times your emotions will get the best of you and cause you to overreact to things. Accept that fact. Also, you are a human being and from time to time you do make a mistake. Not a single soul on this planet is perfect. We all over think, overreact, and get over emotional at times. What makes us different is when we realize these facts and begin to think about it we can make a decision to change.

Discipline those emotions! It’s work and it is something that will not, I repeat, will not happen over night. If you want to change it, you have to work at it. Changing the way to think and react to things is very similar to going to the gym. You go to the gym to exercise your muscles and strengthen them. You have to do the same thing with your brain and the way you think. You have to constantly work on it everyday. If you do it just once or twice, I am sorry to say… won’t work.

The next time you realize that your mind is wandering through that gorgeous world of imagination and lots of crazy scenarios are brewing in your head, stop and think. Like really stop. When you stop those negative scenarios in their tracks and focus on more positive things, like your relationship with the person, then you will be able to develop it rather than sabotaging it on a daily basis. If you have an issue with someone that’s close to you communicate with them. Like actually talk to them. Communicate how you feel and how you two can grow together to ensure these things don’t happen again. Develop and nurture the relationships that mean something to you in your life. It’s important to understand that you two come from different ways of life and at times you will disagree because your definition of right and wrong are slightly different. That’s okay, but take a step back and listen to the other person. Listen to what they are saying and why they are saying it. It is actually best to step back at first and listen, because when someone attacks us verbally we usually go into a fight or flight mind-set. And depending how you were raised and how you were emotionally trained will determine which reaction you act upon. Most people choose the fight response to defend their core beliefs. When you actually being to understand and know where that special someone is coming from why they say something and how they react to things you will be able to better go about with your reaction. your change in reaction will be noticed by the other person and maybe instead of yelling they just talk to you about their issue in the future.

Instead of over thinking about relationships and letting that cancer or plague control our lives, enjoy it. Enjoy your life, enjoy the relationships that mean something to you. Remember that you are a human being, you make mistakes, and you over think from time to time. What makes you specials is your ability to realize this and change. Change for the better. Make your life work for you and don’t let your emotions run your entire life.

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