It’s time to get real.

Time, the most important thing on the planet.

It’s very interesting how a majority of people never grasp this truth. Most people are so concerned with their schedules that they forget how important time actually it. It is constantly abused and misused. It is taken advantage of and used freely until most people reach their death beds. It is that point, in the face of death, that people begin to realize the importance of time.

Time has the same value to poor people, rich people, different races, women, men, children, religions, and elderly people. Everyone gets the exact same 86,400 seconds in a day. Once you use all of those seconds in a day you can never get them back. Time is the most scarce and precious commodity on the planet.

Its time we use our time wisely. Stop pushing things off until tomorrow, do them now. Read those books, go to the gym, eat healthier, develop your relationships, travel, learn something new, use your time to positively impact your life. Don’t waste it binge watching Netflix all day and shoving your face full with pizza and beer. Well that does sound pretty relaxing, but at the end of your life will you regret all the things you did? or will you regret the things you never started, attempted, or never did?

We you begin to value your time the moments you spend with loved ones is amazing! You truly being to value the people in your life for who they are rather than what you expect them to be. You slowly begin to make a sub conscience choice to be happier when you have an understanding of the value of time. You start living and focusing more on the now. This weird obsession with past and future become less relevant and you begin to understand an interesting concept. When you make right now an amazing moment filled with joy, happiest, and excitement it leads to great memories and helps develop a foundation for an amazing future.

Remember no matter how much money you have, how smart you are, how strong you are, how pretty you are, or wise you may be you will never get time back when it is gone. Start respecting and being honest with how you use and spend your time. It will help keep your feet on the ground and make life a bit more enjoyable.

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