The Bad side of Water!

AHH DEHYDRATION! Quick, kill it with a tall glass of water.

Instead of just badgering you with a drink water campaign, lets take a look at what happens when you don’t drink water.

Dehydration is an ugly monster that shows itself when you go for long periods without drinking water. At first you you let out a giant yawn as you being to your water depleted body is slightly fatigued and un-energized. Next it feels as if an elephant is slowly sitting on your head causing a very unpleasant headache. Ohh, but it doesn’t stop there. Imagine your muscles are tight because they lack the proper water they need and begin to painfully cramp. It could even escalate from there and cause an earthquake sensation of dizziness with a slight cause of cotton mouth. At about this point your pee will be dark and smell bad.

Surprisingly enough it only gets worse the longer you go without water. With your main focus on extreme thirst, you become increasingly irritable with even the sweetest things in the world. Slowly your blood begins to thicken, because of the lacking supply of water. Your breathing and heart rate increase to keep the sludge like blood moving through your body. If you have any liquid left to urinate, it will be a very dark yellow or orangish color and smell absolutely horrible. At this point it becomes quite unpleasant and isn’t ideal anymore. If you every make it this far.. Go to the hospital, like now! and seek some professional medical help to help rehydrate your body at an expedited rate.

How do you avoid all this? Listen to your body and be proactive with your water drinking habits. When you stay hydrated your body only works better than you imagined, but if you cheat yourself and your body, well you just read what happens.

Start drinking water and stick with it, it only gets better!

Stay tuned for more.

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