Is education worth it?

Yes! Heck yeah it is.

Well, self-education. I mean if you want to make it far in life.

Why is a self-education better that a conventional education? I think a conventional education can be great in lay a foundation, but it has huge limitations. It is highly regulated, it is standardized, only teaches certain methodologies of thinking, and doesn’t thoroughly develop an individual’s ability to think. Like deeply think about a problem.

With self-education you have freedom. Freedom to explore things in-depth to not just know something, but to understand it. When you are truly able to understand something you develop a unique ability of being able to think. Like deep thinking.

Self-education is also driven with passion and enjoyment. This allows the person practicing it to enjoy learning and understanding what he or she is passionate about. This will help that person develop a “mastery, in time, of that subject. That mastery of a subject is what will help you get far in life.

But, self-education comes with a price. Like not a lot of partying, not hanging out with friends, missing tv shows, and missing some things in life. Would you rather be a social beacon of awesome or manage a successful stock portfolio from your laptop and travel the world with the interest you earn. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a stock portfolio it could be an online blog, website, store, or whatever your heart desires.

So, self-education involves a lot of reading, watching free online classes, failures (experience is the best teacher), and being consistent with it. As the fabled like goes, do what makes you happy is a waste of time. You can’t sit on the cough all day playing video games in your mom’s house and expect to get that perfect job that pays tons of money. Have a girlfriend or boyfriend that is amazing, great looking and financially stable themselves. You have to get after it. You have to do it.

The more days to take to invest in your education by reading or whatever it is, you will begin to build a foundation for success. Keep focused on your development, growth, and goals.

Be a proactive monster and take all the opportunities you can.

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