Ohh no, not cardio!

Prepare yourself for the world of treadmills, bikes that go no where, stairs that never end, row machines that don’t touch water, and the good ol’ elliptical.

Its sounds dreadful in the beginning to mindlessly mull away on some random machine in the gym to increase your cardio vascular health. Honestly, it’s not that bad. The key is to change it up and stick with it. Then you can show off a bit in the gym when you start making some progress. So….

step one!

Make sure your hydrated, don’t be a dummy and start a cardio exercise when your dehydrated. That’s a good way to hurt yourself, so I highly recommend against it. Instead start drinking your water early in the day and drink a good amount water about a half an hour to an hour before you start your cardio. This will allow you to not hurt yourself, but mainly get some benefit from that half hour on the treadmill.

step two!

Get on a cardio machine, find a trail, or a sidewalk. Yeah it’s that simple. When you’re starting your cardio be humble and stick to a pace that will allow you to finish. There is no need to run at an Olympic pace, so that you can show off your pulled muscle at work tomorrow. When you keep it simple and do something you can actually finish, it gives you a starting point. A point you can build from and get better.

step three!

Change it up! If you crushed it on the treadmill yesterday then climb some stairs today! It’s so important to change things up. Running the same three miles everyday, sucks. Don’t fall into that trap. You will get fit faster when you change it up, because its something new. And when your body is not used to it, it has to work more to get use to it.

Starting cardio exercise is that easy. The key is focusing on your goals, because there will come points during your different cardio exercises when you question what you’re doing and you want to quit. Don’t, stick with it and do something you can be proud of. Instead of letting the pain control you, push through the pain and reach some success with your getting healthy goals. These success’ will give you motivation and momentum to continue and get better.

So stop reading and get to it. Start sweating and get in shape.

Good luck and stay tuned for more.

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