“Addiction is bad”, but everyone is addicted.

In one form or another everyone is addicted to something. Crack, Heroine, Cocaine, Netflix, or your cellphone. While drugs get the lime light for their negative effects; we never discuss how technology has help us develop addictions.

Bzzzz, Bzzzz. Bzzzz your phone vibrates in your pants pocket. You get this unquenching urge to check what it has to say. Is it an email, a text message, or did one of your other app’s notify you of something. Heck even video games can be wildly addicting. Yet all these activities are not considered criminal activity. I mean why should that be? Everything your doing doesn’t hurt anyone or anything.

Actually it does. Technology can have a very significant impact on your relationships, productivity, and general success in life. These technology addictions can cause us to miss out on what a significant other is saying, what your boss mentions to you in a meeting, or completing tasks at home that work towards your goals.

Think about your activities next time while you talk to someone. Are you being a sincere listener and developing a deep connection with that person or are you blindly listening while checking your phone for updates. Think about this and change it.

When you are talking to another human being, in person, put your phone out of sight and leave it there. Talk to the person, listen to them and have a conversation. Develop and strengthen the relationships in your life. Don’t let technology hold you back. Use technology to help you become more efficient and not to slowly ruin your relationships.

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