Creating opportunity!


Why not you ask? Well trying to create an opportunity isn’t really a great method towards success. It uses a lot of time, focuses on the wrong things, and could very well be something that already exists or is done cheaper somewhere else.

So how do you take advantage of opportunities? Take a step back and look for them. Opportunities exist and present themselves on a daily basis. So why waste your time creating an opportunity when you can exploit what is already there?

Most people get caught up with trying to be an entrepreneur or creating the next “big” thing. It’s a great approach if your are using something concrete to produce. But if you’re trying to create something new and there is absolutely no want or need for it, how long will your organization last?

These moments of genius, opportunities, present that self very seldom. You have to pay attention. Listen to what people talk about, follow what people are doing, and watch social media for clues of this next opportunity. If a lot of people are complaining that their protein powders aren’t working or are loaded with too many additives. You do some research and find out the market is saturated with these kinds of products. You may be able to take advantage of the opportunity. Create a protein powder that is exactly what the target audience is looking for.

All you did was fill a want or need for something that did not have a product or service yet. That is your opportunity. Pay attention and look at what you can build upon.

One Reply to “Creating opportunity!”

  1. Awesome piece of motivation and inspiration. I totally agree with your thoughts and words. I just loved your post so much !! 😊


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