Expand your thinking game!

Most people view life through many different lenses, but each situation the same.  Think about it you handle your work life a certain way, your personal life a different way, and your friendships another. And you handle most of your issues within each of those areas very differently.

This can cause you to have similar responses to situations and possibly get yourself in the trouble the same way every time you are faced with a tough situation. Tired of dating losers, being stuck in the same position at work, not passing classes, or losing to your younger brother in Mario Kart. Change the way you solve problems.

Cross utilization of information can help. If your constantly making the same mistakes in life over and over again, being to use your experience as your advise giver. If you have a go to pick-up line you use on losers at the bar learn from your experience of failures and change it up. Think real hard, if pick-up lines don’t win over the all-stars then maybe learn from your experiences and don’t use them anymore. Begin to broaden your horizon with your best teacher, experience.

Now using experience is great, but you can also change your thinking in other ways too. Instead of viewing each situation with tunnel vision and missing a lot of details. Take a step back and look at everything that’s going on. When your loved one comes home a bit angry and irritated, it’s probably not a good approach to use tunnel vision. Take a step back and figure out what is going on. Did then have a bad day? Was is something you are neglecting to do? What is really going on? Be an active listener for them, let them vent and in the process learn what makes them upset and irritated. Then use what you just listened to change that situation in the future. If they come home upset because their boss asks them to do extra work on a Friday right before quitting time, change your approach. Make their evening a bit easier and help turn their frown upside down.

Using different methodologies of thinking will quickly increase your thinking game. You can solve relationship problems with physics, work issues with how lions hunt, and using psychology to solve your organization issues. When you are able to break away from the typical model that society likes to put on things you are able to very quickly solve problems using different areas of thought. For instance, if you own a business and its doing mediocre change your approach. Think about how lions hunt, they love the process of hunting its a passion for them. They throughly analyze their prey and customize their approach depending on which animal they are hunting. Once they have selected their prey, they very efficiently use tactics to corner, attack, and eventually kill the animal. Why not use this information to help you’re struggling business. Create a dialogue with your customers through your passion. Watch them, analyze them, and then provide them with a product or service that makes them feel special and important. Become passionate about your business, enjoy the process of the daily activities, and become efficient with your approach.

It’s easy to sit on a couch and complain about why life is hard. Change that, change your thinking and make life work for you.
Stay Happy, Stay Focused!

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