You learn more from listening!

Ahh a problem arises! Your first thought starts probing for solutions that will quick fix it. Like a nice little band-aid for your problem. In this moment you have already started to develop a bias in terms of what others say.

You realize you need some outside perspective, so you ask for a bit of advice. You explain the person your story, how it came about, maybe give some excuse on why it happened, and then tell them your solution. Then you wait for their response to what their advice is. Are they going to agree with your solution and validate it or are they going to give a scenario of what they would do in the situation.

You kindly listen to their gesture and decide to go about your business as you originally intended. But heres the trick question. What did you learn? How did you grow?

We get so caught up in how “right” we are that we don’t allow others the chance to give their opinion without actually listening to them. Naturally it is out instinct to protect our way of life and to survive any means necessary. But depending on the scope of the situation you can hear people out.

If you do have an issue, problem, or some troubling situation you are dealing with. Then talk to a number of people about it. Maybe don’t mention specifics, but a general picture. And before you jump in and tell them your solution. Listen to what they have to say. Gather the information from these different people and use it to form a worldly resolution to your problem.

You could be doing something you never thought of before, learn something new, and in the process grow. Right here you solved a problem, strengthened a weakness, and developed relationships with people.

Stay strong, stay focused! Today is your day.

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