Ohh just another Monday!

The first five days after the weekend are just the worst. I mean you have to go to work and deal with all those annoying errands.

Well what if you can change your perception about a Monday or tomorrow in general. Why not look at the brand new day or week as an opportunity to do new and exciting things. Take advantage of this sweet moment and exploit it.

Step outside your comfort-zone and explore some new possibilities for yourself. Instead of half assing it as work, show some enthusiasm. Get excited for your work and focus on completing it a head of schedule. Try to change your reactive mentality. You know the one where you wait for a problem to happen before you do anything about it. Or maybe wait until the absolutely last minute to do that task. Become proactive with your work, yourself and your success.

If your eager to make that next big step then be proactive with what you want to accomplish. If you want that promotion, work avidly to add as much value to your position as possible. Help others, share ideas, and create growth potential for your organization as a whole and not just your department. If you’re interested in a boy or girl, ask them out. Be proactive! Don’t wait(reactive) for the right moment. The best way to find out if they like you is by putting it out there. If they say no, who cares. You stepped outside your comfort zone, you gained some confidence, and you can stop overthinking the situation now because you have an answer.

Take advantage of the time you have. Don’t just let it be another Monday. Let it be the first day of the rest of your life. Make it the most amazing day ever! The Monday with the most memories. Cherish the time you have, because in the end it is the one thing you will never get back.

Give life everything you got and go after what makes you happy.

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