The smarter we become…

Interestingly enough with the aid of technology we have the potential to keep ourselves information on the latest and greatest. We can browse the news, read finance reports, maybe some educational material, and of course the occasional gossip.

We take advantage of this amazing tool at times. We believe that we are so vastly knowledge from merely reading a head line and the first few paragraphs of a story that we know everything about it. We quickly form bias based on our personalized opinions and we quickly venture out into the world ready to demonstrate out knowledge to everyone.

Theres a nice little loop-hole here however. Great intelligence seeks to understand. They want to answer the great question of why things are they way that they are. And not to pompously display this understanding, but to use it as a source of reference for good. To help those around them increase their chances for success.

It’s not about bottle-necking information and making yourself seem like the smartest person in the room. It’s important to share that information, that understanding, and help those around you grow.

So the next time you quickly skim through the latest store of the day. Think. Are the conversations you are going to have designed to increase your social ranking or are you taking the time to educate those around you about what you learned.

We presenting new information to people is critical to maintain an open mind at all times. You could actually learn more about the subject, because the people you are talking to are experts in the subject.

Take the time to understand. Research what you’re talking about, seek to answer why it is the way it is, and grow to help those around you.

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