What makes you happy?

Happiness can be expressed in many ways. Either by presenting the emotion, displaying some physical reaction, telling people you are, or an emoji icon. Whichever way you choose is it real? Do you actually believe you are happy or just putting on a mask to appease those around you.

Sometimes we get caught up with trying to convince the outside world that we are what we are. We wear these masks, fake emotions, and display characteristics that make us seem like we are happy, excited, sad, mad, or joyful. We do this to try to “fit in” into our little social circles and to hopefully develop a deeper connection with those around us.

You may enjoy this and have no problem with it and that is perfectly fine. In the end what matters most is the smile on your face in the morning when you wake up and a smile when you’re going to bed at night.

My point is sometimes we cover up who we truly are to be accepted by those around us. Which should never be the case. You should let your inner goofiness shine. We are all uniquely amazing and quite different. When we let our true selves shine we change. We begin to view the world differently. A more open-minded approach. We enjoy things for what they are, we stop hanging out with certain groups of people, and we move towards being happy.

Since we do not have to wear a mask anymore. We can freely express ourselves and what interests us most. Work towards your goals and dreams, be the person who makes you happy. And most of all make sure you can smile at the person in the mirror and truly accept what you see, because at the end of the day that is the only person you can never lie to.

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