Growth, some people get it others have their pride.

Growth is an interesting concept to some. They have worked long years in organizations, built a reputation and believe that their ideology is the reason for success with in the organization. Yet they fail to properly adjust to the changing times. They work with these old mentalities and try to validate their existence within their department. It is an absolute hassle working with these types of people.

They stand in the way of innovation, creativity, better market penetration, and expanding into new markets. It’s basically dealing with a 5-year-old adult.

And this can be highly frustrating for smart, ambitious and creative individuals who want to prove that know what they are doing. They show up on a daily basis ready to meet the needs of the organization with new trains of thought only to be cut down by these prideful monsters.

They validate their ideas with some weird summed up knowledge of how things work. They reference arbitrary facts and try to reason some type of logic into their conversations.

Rough, I know. So, how do you deal with someone like this. Prove them wrong. But how exactly do you prove a person in this type of situation wrong? Well, it’s quite simple actually.

Show up everyday with a focus towards your change. If your goal is to help the organization out by delivering a better product than work towards that. Make it a driving for your you. In order to achieve that goal your going to have to change all those negative thought into positive ones. Instead of being a negative nancy in your cubicle and being nasty to those around you. Work. Work your ass off.

Start by educating yourself throughly on the subject. Read books, take free online courses, go to seminars, talk to smart people, whatever you have to do to gain more knowledge. And yes this will require you to skip and episode or two of your favorite tv show or maybe skip a Friday night out with the friends. But it will be worth it.

So you’re educating yourself and gaining some pretty great knowledge about things. Use it. Show up everyday to work and apply your new knowledge to what you do and how you work. Take that negative energy you once has before and use it to put a positive spin on your efforts.

Your efforts in the beginning have to be small but they have to be successful. They have to be educated steps that will help you build a foundation of success within your organization. Once you have built enough success within your department people will start to listen to you and what you have to say. They will slowly accept your ideas and try out things that you are doing, because they worked and your proved that it could.

This prideful monster will still be lingering in the background critiquing all your work. Accept it, thank them for their input and keep moving forward and keep making progress. Eventually you will be focused on the growth of the organization and it’s success and others will see that. While that prideful monster is stuck preserving their reputation. Slowly to you will able to have that influence you have been looking for within the organization.

But the key thing is work. You have to be willing to put in the work and stay dedicated to your cause, so that in the end you’re the successful one.

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