Won’t you be my honey!

They are great for impressing a date, getting you out of trouble, or even making your apartment look better. Flowers are a pretty sweet gift from mother nature. But their looks aren’t everything. The nectar flowers produce is pretty special, when collected by bees, it is used to make that ohh so sweet honey we all crave.

it all starts with the nectar the sugar liquid from flowers. It is collected by bees and then ingested. It is stored in the bees extra stomach, while there it mixes with enzymes. These enzymes change the chemical composition and pH, making it more suitable for long-term storage.

When the bee gets back the hive it passed the sugary liquid to another bee for further manipulation. It keeps getting passed from bee to bee and then eventually it gets fanned by bees flying over the liquid. This fanned helps the sugary liquid evaporate, leaving behind the rich think golden liquid we know as honey.

So why the big fuss about honey?

Well, all natural honey that is not heated has a lot of health benefits.

1. an energy boost.

Honey has about 18 grams of carbs per table-spoon. It contains a the perfect amount of fructose and glucose, which can quickly enter the bloodstream and help deliver a boost of energy. This is beneficial for both short and long-term workouts.

2. reduces throat and cough irritation.

When you have that irritating cough or sore throat when you’re sick. Try drinking a combination of freshly squeezed lemon juice and honey. This will coat your throat and help your nerve ending protect your throat against coughing.

3. boosts memory.

Honey contains a lot of antioxidants which help prevent the break down of cells, cellular damage, and the loss within the brain. it had the ability to absorb calcium, which has been linked to the process of thought and making decisions.

4. probiotic.

Honey can contain a large amounts of friendly bacteria, which help boost the bodies natural immune system.

5. beautiful skin.

Its anti-bacterial properties have great benefits for the skin. It also carries a great amount of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that help prevent cellular damage.

6. alleviates allergies.

Honey has amazing anti-inflammatory properties, that has head to the belief that it could also help reduce the symptoms of allergic reactions. It also helps boost the immune system by exposing it to small amounts of pollen, which helps the immune system develop antibodies for the pollen it is exposed to.

7. honey is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

When the nectar is being processed in the bees second stomach, it adds an enzyme to the sugary liquid that produces hydrogen peroxide.

Instead of bringing that special someone some flowers that will fade with time, bring them some honey which will keep them beautiful and healthy for a lifetime. Just make sure to have a little honey yourself. Make that tea extra sweet or load your sandwich up with extra honey, its worth it.

Be smart, enjoy life, and eat more honey.

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