Get rid of Negative Nancy’s!

We all know at least one of these radiantly negative people. There is always something is wrong and they are constantly unhappy. Why do you put up with it and let it affect your mood? Aren’t you suppose to enjoy life?

I like to think of these people as lumberjacks hacking away at this beautiful majestic tree of fun. If that’s your tree, how long before it’s dead and there is nothing left? When you’re working on this getting healthy thing its important to remember that it’s a complete package. Being healthy is not just eating carrots and going to the gym it’s a balance of many things and one of those is your mentality. Either your positive, upbeat and energetic or the opposite.

When those negative people try to pull you into their emotional state and expect you to be on the same level as them take a step back and think. Yeah use your brain, that’s why it is there. Like about the situation, because this person had a bad day, a bad experience, or is just generally negative doesn’t mean that you need to be a sucker and join them. You have the power! You have the power with how to respond to these emotions and experiences. You are able to make a decision to listen to this person and let them vent, but you do not have to become negative yourself. You can still be upbeat and positive while its raining outside, you lost the karate tournament, or your crush didn’t text you back (if they don’t text back, their probably not worth your time).


We as human beings are emotion,  period. There is no mystery to this fact. Now what separates people who are truly happy and the negative Nancy’s is an understanding. An understanding that we are emotional beings, but the truly happy ones have trained and disciplined their emotions. They have an awareness that jumping with the first thought that comes to your mind is not always the safest path during tough situations. Its better to process the information and respond in a manner that will help solve the issue, but also while maintaining your goal of being happy.

So except that fact they you are emotional and at times your emotions will flare up, but what will help you change that is thinking about  how you respond to these negative Nancy’s or bad experiences. When you begin to make that change and think about your response, you won’t over react as often and slowly this will help alleviate some of the negativity from your life.


This one is huge when it comes to dealing with negative people.

Everyone on planet earth is scare or afraid about something, its how to respond to those feelings is what separates you from others. People with high self-esteem choose to face their fears and kick them in the face, while others choose to cower and live in a world of a denial. When you live in a world of denial you feed your self excuses and lies to help boost your ego of why you couldn’t do something. Tell that voice to piss off, its time to live your life to the fullest.

Secondly, when people talk crap about your or have negative feeling towards you it only matters if you believe it. When you begin to believe other people’s options and think they are real, then you are saying what someone else thinks of me is more important than what I think of myself. This can lead to a very weak self-esteem and its hard to change that.

What do you think of yourself? Give yourself credit for the things you accomplish in life and begin to be  proud of this things you do. If you asked that cute girl from work out, be proud of that. If you look drop dead gorgeous in that brand new dress, be proud of that. If you set a personal record in the gym, be proud of that. If you finally beat your older brother in Mario Kart, be proud of that.

The more and more you start to give yourself credit for the things you do, you will begin to have more confidence and then start doing the things you are afraid to do.

Enjoy your life and be happy. Get rid of the negative nancy’s and change how YOU respond to their negativity.

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