Exercise stuff.

Exercise is my favorite part about becoming healthy.

Mainly, because it’s fun! It’s a way to just enjoy the moment and just shut off from all the to-do lists, work related tasks, and a means to reenergize yourself.

Think about it. Just go to the gym or for a run outside, you have to concentrate on your physical activity to make sure your using correct technique and form. During that time you have the ability to shutoff the constant over thinking we as humans do on a daily basis.

The challenge of working out and being consistent with it is motivation. Until you make it part of your daily life, it’s very hard to stay motivated. Once you take the leap off of the couch and make it to the gym for a second day in a row, you just have to stick with it.

You finally make the choice to go to the gym, so you buy some fitness magazines or look up some workout routines online to get your game plan in order. You get to the gym and a few sets in you realize that your body is not as use to it as you were dreaming about earlier.

You can even take the fancy route by hiring a personal trainer to show you the basics of working out, which has its ups and a lot of downs. I mean its great for beginners who have little physical fitness knowledge, but if you really want to get fit there is a point where you have to teach yourself.

Some of the important things to remember when your working out is proper technique, great form, and most important is using full range motion. When your lazy and do these weird half reps with crappy technique and form you will hurt yourself, I repeat you will hurt yourself. Stay humble in the beginning and allow your physical body to catch up to what your mind is imagining you should look like.

Have a plan and stick with it. The first two to three weeks are the worst. Mainly because your sore, extremely tired, and can lose your motivation rather quickly. Write your goal down and read your goal to yourself everyday and keep your mind focused on why you are exercising. My reason for exercising is to get away from the daily grind and relax.

After your first two to three weeks, the soreness starts quietly fades away, your slightly more energized, and you begin to think clearly. At this point you should begin to increase the intensity slightly during your workouts. This consistent progression will allow your body to develop properly for long-term results.

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