Sleep actually helps!

Grab a pillow and sleep it off.

Wait, so sleep is actually good for us? Kind of a silly question because we already know it is. A good nights rest or that amazing mid-afternoon nap just perk you up. But how can simply counting sheep or sawing lumber (snoring) help us become healthy?

Well, it has a phenomenal impact on your brain. When your brain rests it has a chance to take out the trash and rewire itself. In doing this is allows your to think clearer and allows you to focus your thinking on certain tasks.

Your body has a chance to recovery from all that torture you put it through in the gym. During sleep, your body releases hormones that help repair cells that you beat up and broke down during the day. Sleep also helps you stay fit longer when you get regular nights sleep your body has a sense of normalcy. This allows you to maintain proper levels of different types of hormones which help control weight, maintain muscle, and help expedite the repair.

It might be awesome to get new exercise shoes or a fancy gym membership to get you closer to this healthy thing. You know it couldn’t hurt to buy some food from your local farmers market and drink tons of water. Why not spice things up this time with a new mattress. Like one that seems like your sleeping on clouds or something. Plus your partner may like it too, so you could get some extra exercise in before bedtime on that ooh so comfy mattress.

Spice up that get healthy plan you have and change it up.

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