They say “sugar free” is better.

I mean whats wrong with shoving your face full of sweets and ice cream? Or taking a shower in some cola and getting all hot and sticky. Well you’ll get ridiculous amount of energy, probably enough to let you travel through time. Your mind and body will ready to do just about anything. Your moving along and enjoying this insane amount of energy. and then BAM! comes the crash. That moment you realize your He-Man like strength is fading and you’re in the middle of conquering the world. It’s at this point most people come to the realization that eating 5 gallons of ice cream wasn’t quite worth it.

Whats the big deal? Sugar only gives you an insane burst of energy and then you go to sleep. It doesn’t sound that bad. That’s not quite the case.

You actually need sugar to survive, being 100% sugar-free is a little whack and a bit extreme. In order to do some of its normal functions your brain needs sugar, when you’re in the gym working out you need sugar, when your body is recovering you need sugar, while you sleep you need sugar.

The big issue is the source of the sugar and what type of sugar it is.

You see there are three types of sugar. Fructose comes from fruits. Glucose is the normal sugar the body uses and it comes from many different sources. The last is Galactose which is the sugar that is found in milk. Now these are the most basic versions of sugar. When found in food sources, found in the body, or bought in a store that are a bit different. There is sucrose, which is a combination of Glucose and Fructose. Then there is Lactose which is a combination of Glucose and Galactose. Last but not least there is Maltose, which is two glucose sugars.

So we got some cold hard facts about sugar, but which one is bad? Fructose! Okay great, but why? Fructose is a 5 carbon ring sugar and gets processed very quickly in the body if it is not regulated with fiber. IF it gets very quickly processed it will elevate your blood sugar very rapidly. Your body being a smarty pants realizes this and quickly tells the liver to release insulin to drive the blood sugar back down. The insulin begins to command cells in the body to absorb the sugar in the blood stream and bring your body back to a homeostasis (a relatively stable equilibrium) state. When this takes place for days, weeks, and months. You begin to gain weight because all that sugar keeps getting absorb. This can lead to a variety of health problems dependent on the individual.

Just avoid processed and concentrated sugars! It’s that simple. You know things like fruit juices, sodas, candy, and things like that.

But you still need to eat sugar, so where do you get it from?

1. Whole Fruits (the sugar intake is regulated by the natural fiber in the fruit)

2. Legumes

3. Vegetables

4. Sweet Potatoes

5. Honey

6. Whole Grains, Whole Grain Bread, Whole Grain Cereals.

7. Pasta

Be smart, stay focused, and eat your sugar in moderation.

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