Stretching is so you!

Put on your yoga pants, because it’s time to embarrass Gumby!

Stretching is just woah! It’s really amazing how such a simple activity can have just a phenomenal impact on your entire body. The best part is, it’s easy.

Doing a good stretch routine daily packs the punch of a small coffee. Its boosts your energy levels helps with flexibility and pain gives you better coordination and helps your circulatory system out a bit too. All these benefits from touching your toes? Crazy right.

Here’s the catch, you have to do it daily in order for it to work. Yeah instead of watching those Netflix documentaries on the couch, stretch. Take the time to do something positive for yourself. It will greatly pay off later on.

Now maybe you don’t like static stretching. No problem, there are other activities you can do to loosen up. There is also dynamic stretching as well and a few more but we’ll get into those soon. Even better, try yoga or maybe pilates. I prefer the former, but do what makes you happy.

Some tips to get you started. It’s best to stretch in the morning or after workouts. Avoid doing static stretches before workouts. It can cause a loss in muscle explosiveness.

A cool perk to stretching is that it could help with weight loss and may be able to reduce stress. Take a chance and try it out for 30 days and see what happens!

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