Water are you talking about?

Lets take a look at the happy side of drinking water. Well its kind of the reverse of all the bad stuff plus some.

You will notice that you’re a bit more perked up as usual. More energized during those usual mid day slumps. This is because well most of your body contains a lot of water, even your brain. Basically since your brain is supplied with oxygen and has the right amount of fluid to function you are able to concentrate, focus and think a little better that usual.

Being hydrated also helps your body by flushing a good amount of toxins out of your system. This relieves a lot of the stress on your immune system to break down and dispose of the toxins. Since your body is able to remove a lot of toxins from your blood, your skin will being to look healthy and glow. The best part is since your body is filtering out toxins and stuff, it will actually help you lose weight.

Get ready to exercise more. Drinking water actually helps with strength and endurance. Think about it, your muscles are filled with a lot of water. If your slightly dehydrated it effects your physical performance in more areas than just the gym. So drink up and stay hydrated, it will allow you to perform better in and out of the gym.

Being hydrated also helps with pooping. Yeah it helps move things right a long down there, so you won’t get backed up and are able to enjoy a constipation free life. It will kind of affect your bathroom reading or angry bird sessions, but I would still recommend investing in an air freshener.

Drink up and enjoy your water! There are copious amounts benefits and you look better too. Try it for 30 days and stick with it. Doing it one day is worthless.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more.

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